Segmented bones are angled awkwardly

Hello everyone,

After following Cgboorman’s youtube tutorials on IK and eye rigging as well as bone colors, I came across several problems in my final rig. First, the segmented spine bones are twisted and while posing these bones on the Z-axis the mesh deforms in a bizare way. The same problem is apparent in the neck bone. Here’s the blend file:


I’ve tried to reconfigure the roll of the bones but that didn’t work but I don’t really want to delete them and have to reparent the new bone to the mesh, along with other adjustments that I have to make if I choose to do this.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

try doing alt G and alt R in pose mode and see if it clears up at all ( clear location and clear rotation )

That’s what I’ve done before and it still didn’t fix the problem, even by clearing the individual bones and then clearing up the entire rig.

Well so far I’ve managed to fix the neck (turns out that the recalculate roll tool can be extremely haphazard at times so it may be best to fiddle around with the Ctrl+R hotkey while in edit mode to manually roll the bone as well as decreasing the number of segments) but gave up on the spine as I simply decreased the bone segments to two. Still, I feel that this wasn’t the kind of fix that I am looking for. Here’s the updated .blend file:


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.