Segway Master

Segway Master is a game where you are on a segway and must get to the end of the level to progress.

Ever played jelly car? Segway Master is similar to it but without the jelly and more segway.

The game is developed in blender and is open source, the .blend file is included, feel free to edit it and email me at [email protected] with any changes, questions or suggestions.

The controls are simple, left is go left and right is go right, escape sends you to the main menu.

You can download the game here, or get the bittorrent version here.
There is a simple game play video of me finishing all five levels in version 1.1 here.


Its a nice idea, you should implement new features for the player, just go forward and backward isnt is that exiting.
I think that you can make it cool witha little more.

Added 2 more levels, credits and improved gameplay.

Just download the file again to get the updated version.

I chuckled. You, sir, have style. The game is simple and provides some neat gameplay mechanics–especially the motion of the head as you use it to break up that wall of bricks.


Why thank you, I am working on adding a jump feature but i am not sure i like how it is turning out.