selecing faces in the UV editor and having it update in the 3d viewport

hey everyone.

I’m sure this is simple, but I can’t seem to find the answer in the manual. How do I select a face, vert or, edge in the uv editor, and have it select its corresponding item on my model?


You know i don’t think there is a way. if you select a uv face you can see the last one you selected, it will show up, but as far as a whole group showing up. i don’t think I’ve seen a way to do it.

Try enabling ‘Sync UV and Mesh Selection’–the button just to the right of the Pivot in the UV/Image Editor.

Actually now that you Jrboddie, i have used that button before. I guess i never really paid much attention to it or it was never an issue so i complete forgot about it. Theres your answer Orchid the sync UV/Mesh button. I love learning little things in blender!

What I love about the relationship between the 3D window and the UV editor is that you can use all the selection tricks in the 3D window and they are reflected in the UV editor as well. Like ALT-Clicking on a face or edge in the 3D window will select the entire loop.

success! I thought I’d tried this before and recall it not doing what I wanted it to do but on a second try its perfect! Now I’m a real boy.