Select a face in UV edt., shows in 3d view. A way?

Is there a way to select a face in the UV editor, and have it show up (somehow differentiate itself - “Hey, I’m right here!”) in the 3d view, on the model? The reason I want to know this (if it’s possible) is that sometimes I just want to know what face I’m moving around. The way I do it now is to turn on view - update automatically, move the face around in the UV edt, and watch for the movement on the model.

Using 2.49b the UV/Image Editor has a “Sync UV and Mesh Selection” button, make sure that is ticked and tick the “Face select mode” button as well, now the face selected in the UV/Image Editor will highlight in the 3D View, and vice versa!

Thanks. Found that in 2.56. If anyone else is interested, the button is just to the left of the selection mode buttons in the UV editor. 2 verts on an edge with the cursor.