Select >> align vertices

How can I grab a bunch of vertices in an object (edit mode) and get them to line up along the x axis?

You can sellect one vertx (ore more, if they are in same X location) then hit the N-key for Transform Properties and type new X possition.

I’m not aware of any diferent way.

you could try to scale them down to zero on one axis !


Both are good solutions. :slight_smile:

The N-key to show properties only works with a single vertex. Otherwise, it teats them as a group with “median” position (moves them all around to the point, but does not flatten them out).

Scaling is works very well, although I can’t help thinking that I’m trying to slowly adjust the points beyond the last 0.001 scale. Is there a way I can scale them down and manually type in “0” for the x axis?

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Select your verts, skey, xkey, 0key (zero key), enter.

:slight_smile: Yeah - like that. 'course I knew that already (not)
…cheers - a cool trick and exactly what I was after. :smiley: