Select all objects within another shape or pattern

I’ve created a bunch of basic array objects and I want to assign specific ones to have a specific material.
So on the right hand side you can see my basic pattern shape, its fuzzy at the moment but i’ll make it solid. I want to use this shape to assign a white material to those objects that fall within the white section, and a black material to those inside the black material.

I was thinking of maybe turning my pattern into an SVG and some how using it to project itself onto the hairs, and the vertices that fall within the SVG shape will be selected, and then I can do CTRL+L to select the whole obbjects and sign the materials.
But I dont know if that is possible.

There must be a way? I doubt i’m the only one that wants to select objects in specific patterns .

I’m really stumped by this one

Convert the whole thing into one mesh and unwrap it from top view with U > Project From View (Bounds).

I did do that, but then some of the hairs are half way between the black and white. I want the hair to be either black or white :confused:

I think this is because your texture is being interpolated. You want to change the interpolation of your texture to Closest.


Sorry but I dont think that is what I’m after.

Basically, I need to make sure there are 2 separate materials. I’m using Corona Renderer which doesn’t have certain nodes, so its easier to split the specific objects up by material. In this case have some hairs have a black material and have make others have a white material.

For example, use this shape to select objects. So all the hairs which are touching or are inside the big square shape get selected.

Another method I was thinking was using weight paint to paint a texture onto the object, and make objects with black materials emit from the weight painted region. And then make white objects fill the rest.
However, is there a way to paint a texture using weight paint? Maybe using an alpha mask or someting?

So all the vertices inside the shape get highlighted and then I can simply assign a new material.

Something like this, which I did manually. But I ultimately want to use much mroe complex patterns to highlight vertices

If you go into top-ortho mode and circle-select © it should only select vertices that are visible - would that work?

Yey! thats the one! Dang i feel so silly. I was taking the angle of using the object to do the selecting when it should be doing the masking itself.

Works a dream thanks :D. Although my PC is crashing, i think this should be the one :)))

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