Select an object

Hi there,
I wanted to try out Blender after many years of 3ds max.
But I can’t even get started, because it’s not possible to select objects.
I have a cube in the center of my screen.
I click on it, but everywhere I click there is a red/white circle placed?!
Is this normal, that you have to select the objects always over the “Scene Collection”-Tree?


I uninstalled and reinstalled Blender and now it works.
Maybe a bug…


maybe you mischoosed left-select / right-select in the first splash screen. Can be changed in the preferences → keymap → select with mouse button

Hi and welcome to the community.
If you mean this red/white circle:

It is the infamous 3d cursor. You will learn to love it or hate it, it is one of the most useful tools in Blender and is used as a virtual reference/insertion/pivot for many things in Blender. If you have it selected in the toolbox it will be placed everywhere you click. choose the select tool to be able to select. To hide/unhide the toolbox press T.

If you come from max you will find a few things are different in Blender, you will have to learn a few of the basics to get the most of it.
I know it is a pain and that they are basic but these videos from are very informative ,short and “straight to the point”

Good luck and I hope you do not get too frustrated at first!

Thanks, I just found out what it is and what it does/should be doing.
I saw it in the toolbox under the selection tool.
The strange thing was, that I did not select it in the toolbox or somewhere else.
But it was like “stuck” in the cursor tool all the time…

Thanks for the advices, I will have to watch all those basic videos. It’s more different than I expected…