Select and move 3D cursor, snapping 3D cursor to grid, selecetd, verticles

Hello, Now for put cursor, just click LMB and cursor is set. If I have snapping turn ON, cursor should snapping to grid, selecetd, verticles. Would not that be easier? Maybe select and move cursor - drag with LMB, and while dragging press and hold CTRL it start snapping. Thanks

Shift+S for cursor snap options

You can also look at the ‘Enhanced 3D Cursor’ and ‘Cursor Control’ addons in the blender wiki for additional functionality/handling

Thanks for reply. I am using SHIFT+S regularly and looking for some enhance snapping cursor feature… “Cursor Control” is too complicate, but “Enhanced 3D Cursor” wow! looks this addon reading in my mind. Every day Blender and Users surprises me positively, thank you!