Select by every nth point or vertice or select by every 2nd point

Is there a command like this in Blender3d or is there a script? Thanks

Don’t know. But it should have. Modo has it from very first version, I think. You select two points on a loop, skipping one, for example, hit the up arrow and it selects the rest for you according to the first two points you selected.

select all the verts in the area, press spacebar, checker deselect, also works in face / edge mode.

Checker Deselect in the select menu

Edit: oops, missed doublebishops post.

Thankyou, I’ll give it a try. Modeled a sofa like the one on CGArena but did not have this function or know how to implement it.

I didn’t realize blender had something like that. Too bad it seems to be limited to only one loop at a time, and only one component between each gap, ie. It can do (1=selected, 0=deselected): 1010101010, 100010001000, etc. , but it can’t do 110110110, 11110001111000, etc.

add a vertex group to start with, do the checker deselect, set it up for the nth to be how long your loop is, hit assign to the vertex group, then increase the offset, assign that to the vertex group aswell repeat until all of the loop cuts that you are wanting have been selected… in the vertex group panel hit select and that will select them all