Select Collection in viewport

Collections are awesome, but selecting them in the viewport is slow and clunky. The more complicated a scene gets so does dealing with it. So I made this add-on. The Add-on adds a toggle to the UI. When enabled, a double left click will select the entire collection the selected object is a part of. Only works in object mode

I am not a programmer by any means, and this add-on is super simple. I also know an addon is not required for this, but I find it just makes it super easy. Turn it on and do your thing. Get’s in the way turn it off.

Add-on is completely free Gumroad is for just incase anyone wants to tip or whatever. Hope someone finds this useful.


thanks man ! this little tool is useful ! hope you can keep develop it

Glad it’s useful! I have a better idea of how to develop things further using raycasting, but honestly my experience with python/blender stuff is pretty weak. As well I don’t have a lot of time as it is. But if I do manage to get it working, it will be free, and I’ll update here. Just don’t hold your breath. lol.