Select curve points/handles

Hello! Complete Blender noob here! :smiley:

I’m trying to follow a curves tutorial in 2.93.5

After adding a bezier curve and entering edit mode both end points of the curve are selected.
If I click anything other than the right handle of the end point everything gets deselected and I can’t seem to select any points or anything at all by clicking or drawing a selection around it. Select all works.

But why are there two identical handles, one of which will work and one of which will not, but instead deselect everything?

What am I doing wrong?

EDIT: apparently trying the same thing in the “modeling” workspace instead of the “layout” workspace results in the expected different behavior.
Oddly, when I switch back to “layout” I can’t see the curve I just created. It’s only visible in “modeling”. When I add a cube mesh I can see it in both workspaces. Are there “per workspace” settings that might cause this? I think I’ll have to learn about workspaces now… :wink:

As far as I know there is no difference between the layout and modeling workspace when switching between “object mode” and “edit mode”. The effect of the modeling workspace is that your selected object is automatically in edit mode. The same for layout, your object is in object mode.

I have never had such a problem, so I’m not sure what might cause this. Can you try what happens when you are in the modeling workspace and switch to “object mode”? Is the curve disappearing as well? Then it might be a general setting, otherwise it can be the position of your camera.
You can try selecting the curve in the outlier (Scene Collection on the right) and press “/” on the numpad to focus that object. But impotant: You have to press “/” again to get out of focus, otherwise you don’t see your other objects again.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks! Yes, I think that was it. I didn’t realize the focus was defined per view. And I guess I was assuming that newly created objects would be automatically added to the focused ones. After 26 years of 3ds Max I’m such a creature of habit. :wink:

I still don’t understand why the selection behavior in edit mode is inconsistent between the two workspaces. Well… who needs a “layout workspace”? XD