Select Doubles?

Hey, is there any way to select all double vertices?

Select them or simply remove them? The latter is a button on the tool (T) menu.

Select please.

I’ve been using Blender for about two and a half years and haven’t come across anything that will simply select them all.

If your aim is to get rid of doubled vertices, just select all vertices and hit the “Remove Doubles” button as hinted at by place57. You can adjust how close they need to be to each other to be removed; just look at the bottom of the Tool panel after hitting the button.

The script below will do something like select doubles.
Caution…It has a big O of something like N^2. So, it’s miserably slow on large meshes. With a 1,000 or so verts it’s alright. But by the time you get to 5,000 verts it takes a long time (plenty of time to refresh that coffee cup.) It’s one of those routines that would best be implemented in c.


import bpy
import bmesh
tolerance = 0.001
bm = bmesh.from_edit_mesh(
if(bm.select_mode & {'VERT'}):
    for v1 in range(0, len(bm.verts)-1):
        for v2 in range(v1+1, len(bm.verts)):
            if(abs(bm.verts[v1].co.x - bm.verts[v2].co.x) <= tolerance):
                if(abs(bm.verts[v1].co.y - bm.verts[v2].co.y) <= tolerance):
                    if(abs(bm.verts[v1].co.z - bm.verts[v2].co.z) <= tolerance):
                        bm.verts[v1].select = True
                        bm.verts[v2].select = True

Just for someone who will be searching this, very quick function

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