Select Edge Loop in UV Editor?


I’ve got a stretched bit of image map (see stretched.jpg attached). It’s mesh is shown in stretched2.jpg, also attached.

What I’d like to do is select that edge loop in the UV Editor, but when I switch into UV Face Select mode the edge selection is lost (probably because it’s not a set of faces!).

So…how can I select an edge loop in the UV Editor? That does seem like a reasonable place to want to select an edge loop. It’s a complicated image, and I really need to take advantage of the proportional editing capabilities in the UV editor.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!



Make sure all the faces are selected in your edit window. In the UV window, set it to Vertex select and the just Alt-RMB on the edge loop you want. This should select all the UV verts on that edge loop.

Your other option would be to turn on the “Snyc UV and Mesh…” option. This is the little button at the bottom of the UV window that looks like a square with a vert at each corner. This option was only added in 2.46.

Hey DM,

As always you are well informed. That second option is making me great things right now–thanks!

Actually I just went and checked, and your first suggestion is also great in 2.4.7, which just installed. It wasn’t present in 2.4.5, which is what led me to suggestion #2.

Freaking cool man. So they’ve done away with the UV Face Select mode altogether? Can’t say I’ll miss it. Except it seems like hiding faces in Edit mode is changed, too…that’ll take some getting used to.

Yep, Face select mode is no more. Lucky for me I had just gotten in to UV mapping as all the changes were taking place. So, I am lost in past version, but can usually find my way around in newer versions.

Here to tell you–this is a great leap forward. It was hardly bad before, but now it’s really first rate, in my uninformed opinion.

Between this and Ultimate Unwrap, there is very little that is not possible.