select edge ring path? (like vertex path)

Does anybody know how to EDGE RING SELECT only a decent path?
I tried to rip off vertices and edges - but this is really sloppy and caused other problems.
(It looked like i accidently got that edge ring selection within a decent path already but i could’nt reproduce it)

I use Ctrl+Alt+Shift+RMB for ring selections.

What is a “decent path”? Maybe you could post a screenshot to explain what you mean?

SHIFT is if you want to select more then one Edge Ring.
But don’t forget, it’ll only select a perfect edge ring, so if your topology is messy.
It won’t be pretty. would be the usuall edge ring select

but i need to edge ring select only a decent part of the mesh - the path between two edges

that i get a result like that

i hope someone can help me

p.s. sorry for big pictures

You can do that with vertices using W>Select vertex path for two vertices. To my knowledge there is no such tool for edges.

A workaround would be to select the vertex paths separately and add them to a vertex group and then select the vertex group (in the F9 menu).

Yes, vertex groups are usually the best route to take when you have odd selections that you will need to select multiple times… the issue here is that since the vertex groups store vertices, when you select that vertex group, it’s going to select all the faces, not just the edges like what’s in the image yafray posted.