Select edges WITHOUT selecting encompassed faces?


Probably a dumb question, but when I select a group of edges (say for example by sharpness) - whenever those selected edges surround a face, the face gets selected as well …

How do you just select EDGES only - no faces?

I understand I can go around deselected faces afterwards, which in most cases is time consuming and also prone to error - how do you select only the edges in the first place?

Thanks in advance.

First i thought: Why the headaches ? If all edges of a face is selected and you move it then of course the face is moved too. So in blender the surounded face is also selected… so what?
But rethinking that: Okay if you wanna extrude only the edges and they suround a face then the face is extruded… too bad that’s the way it is in blender… Maybe another 3D tool does this differently…

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Hi, thanks for reply.

Yeah, I hadn’t worried or even thought about it until a specific use case came up…

select all hard edges>duplicate>separate>convert to curve>bevel curve -

this is a more robust way of creating “line drawings” but when duplicating the selected edges, you also duplicate the surrounded faces.

I have since worked out you can select all and “delete faces only” which is just one more step but works.

Thanks again.