Select Face Loop

I was just following the tutorial on subdivision from blender site, for this tutorial hes using 2.34 version, and states u can select face loops using the ALT+B key while in edit mode.

I of course, am using the newest version, I searched everywhere can couldnt find what key its been moved to, and i can not find it in the menu structure.

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

ALT + RMB, the rest is to put some more text to answer thread.

cheers dude,
it’s annoying doing these tutorials to familiarise myself with blender, when i come across many different things which have changed keys since they were made. Examples are, the way subdivision is enabled (using a modifier), the set camera to view (ctrl alt and numpad0)

A question I now have is, in the tutorial, he select the camera while in camera view (numpad0), i cant seem to select my camera for some reason, it only has 2 boxes, and no third outer box that he selects in his examples.

(FYI the tutorial is the ones on, section 2 part 1)
EDIT: put enters back in, had scripts disabled and it was removing all the enters :S

Yeah, it is annoying. The latest tutorials are in the Blender Summer of Documentation. I’d suggest Intro to Character Animation as a good beginning tutorial. Even if you aren’t interested in animation, the beginning of the tut covers modeling and the interface keys well.