select face script request

I think it would be helpfull to have a script that allows us to select faces (triangles/quads) regarding to angle between them, specified by user.

Sometimes I import geometry from CAAD’s to Blender and get helly mess of triangles - simply “convert to quads” doesn’t care about angles and sometimes joins two tris in the corner. It should be easy to tweak by hand, but if a scene had hundred thousands of verts, it would become impossible to check everything… [scroll down to Triangles 2 Quads 23/04/2005]

Never thought, that solution’s co close :slight_smile:
Hope it works with Blender 2.4

Tri2quad has been updated for 2.41 when its released-
Its significantly faster and a has a nice UI popup :slight_smile:

it seems to be solved with new 2.42 tool

perfect :slight_smile: