Select faces?


I’m learning Blender with the official tutorials of their website. Im from Spain and I understand a little bit the english. On first tutorial of model/materials ( when he is teaching how to model a peon he select the faces moving the mouse over the faces and clicking on it… I cant understand what key or what combination of keys is necesary for do that… i understand ALT+B but this select normally. Anyone know what combination is?

PD: Ive readed the hotkey reference and i dont find nothing :frowning:

First off you need to be in edit mode. If you are, you can hit Cntrl-Tab 3. That should get you into Face select mode. To go back to Vertices mode, it’s Cntrl-Tab 1.

do you mean, hit 3 times CTRL + TAB in edit mode?

I have do that you have say me but this isnt that the teacher does, when he does the faces highlights in blue and he can click on the faces and select the group of edges

Hmmmm… then I’m not sure what it is you are asking. Ctrl-Tab 3 should get you into Face Select mode. You can also click the triangle in the lower right of the 3D View window to go into Face Select mode. I have a posted a pic.

You may also be asking the way he is selecting the faces. It’s possible you are referring to the “B” as opposed to “Alt-B.” When you are in Edit mode, simply press your “B” key twice. This turns your cursor into a select circle. Anything you click on with the circle is selected. You can control the size of the circle with your Scroll Wheel.

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If you are asking about making the loop selections, use Alt+right mouse button.

This was Alt-B in old versions of Blender.

CD38 this is the tool that this guy uses.But when I press ALT+MOUSER automaticly select the faces, how can i select as the same way that the teacher? I’m interested in this tools since it’s more intuitive select the face when it’s highlighted…

Explique lo que el autor hace en espanol y lo que es seleccionado y illuminado, porque aquí adivinamos sólo.

Lo siento, esta pajina no esta en el

:frowning: With this method the faces dont highlight :frowning:


Those three buttons will switch between Vertex, Edge, and Face selection modes.

These buttons are located in the header/footer of your 3d view.

You can also switch between these modes by going into edit mode and doing a Ctrl+Tab and selecting Vertex, Edge or Face.

Once you are in face select mode you can select face just like any other vertex or edge. Just RMB on the little square in the middle of the face.

If you’re looking to select a loop of faces you do it the same way as selecting a loop of vertices, just alt RMB on the side of the face you want the loop direction to go.

Hope it solved your problem :spin:

Right mouse button to select face and press G key to grab selected face.