Select group of faces by angle?

Just trying to find out what the equivalent of this is in Blender;

Coming from 3DS Max, there’s a checkbox you tick called “By Angle”, with an angle threshold value you can change, so that when you select a face, it automatically selects surrounding faces until the angle differs too greatly between polygons.

This is great for selecting a “side” or “surface” of an object which is made up of lots of polygons.

Selection_100 Selection_099
Example video here

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Select face, Select similar (Shift+G ) > Co-planar or Normal and adjust threshold.

Thank you for the response. That’s not it though, both Co-planar and Normal seem to select these unconnected faces all over the model, where as the behaviour from 3DS I’m looking for is more like a flood-fill that stops at hard corners.

The first two images are Coplanar and Normal - I’ve circled how it’s missed selecting faces I wanted, and added faces I didn’t want. The third image shows the behaviour I want from 3DS Max “By Angle” selection (I made this selection manually to illustrate the point.)

Selection_103 Selection_104

This is how Select “By Angle” behaves in Max, notice the selection covers the smooth belly but stops at the hard edge of the belt.

Hi, I would also like to have this feature in Blender, or know how to emulate the same functionality. I have used the same function in Max and it’s incredibly useful.

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In Blender it has the fabulous name “Select Linked Flat Faces” .
Note that in Blender you can adjust the angle after selecting a face whereas in Max you have to adjust the angle before selecting a face IIRC.


Thanks! Yes that works.

Wow I wish I’d come back to check earlier. This is the ticket! Though I had to click around to find out how it works. Select a face, then at the top press the Select > Select Linked > Linked Flat Faces. Then at the bottom a little black popup appears with a dropdown arrow – click it and you have an angle you can adjust by clicking and dragging, or entering a value manually.

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