Select hidden but without x-Ray


I’d like to be able to select hidden components without having to switch to wire or xRay for workflow reasons and because it’s easier to see interpenetrations that way.
I tried the BorderOcclusion add-on but it doesn’t seem to work on 2.8.

Any answer ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Select it in the Outliner.

I’m talking about components not objects. I want to be able to select faces that are behind the mesh just like in wireframe or X-ray mode but with opaque shading.

To get the 2.79 behavior, drag the X-ray slider to 1
and yes, I hate it too.
There’s no sense of depth in X-ray, and it makes things transparent even when it doesn’t have to, like there is nothing behind it. You can’t see for crap if you’re doing ornamentation from a reference because of the ugly pattern blending. I could go on.
but it’s someone’s pet or something over at the blender team so they’re gonna Microsoft it straight down your throat metro start menu style

The worst is when you can physically see a vertex but you can’t click it because “omg you need xray!1!!1!1one”

da na na na, can’t click this
you can’t click this! :wink:


Nice tip, thanks! Hadn’t thought of the X-Ray transparency slider for a while.

I still think you should be able to select vertices underneath the subdivided surface without X-Ray mode, also because you often don’t want to accidentally select a beckfacing vertex.

The xRay slider will do just fine until a proper select backface option is available. Thank you very much !! :smiley:

I found a way !!

In x-Ray mode, with xRay slider all the way up to 1, go to the overlay drop down menu on the top right hand part of the viewport and in the “Mesh Edit Mode” section DISABLE “Faces”.

This will disable the highlight of selected faces (which is ok because you still can see your selection with the highlighted edged) but you’ll be able to select components that are occluded :slight_smile:

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Actually this is a very simple request from blender team. A little tick box should have been there.

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I made an account just to like this post. This needs to be a feature, I don’t need to see my geo to know where it is, if im editing a box or another shape, id hope I have the spacial awareness to know where those verts are, I model with select backface always on like a normal max user. Having to make it see through litterally doubles half of my effort, a simple checkbox is beyond needed.
It’s not a difficult thing to impliment, I am sure of it.

Please just add this.

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Add me to the list of people saying this should be an option. Its simple, cant imagine it’d break anything. And having to do a fake xray mode by ramping the slider up is just stupid and unintuitive. Most other modeling softwares simply have a “select backfaces” option. Please add this!

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