Select Individual Vertices by Index

I have a discontinuous list of points to import and create faces from (point ids 1-100, 149-310, 600-700). To create the faces I need to keep the BMVert index equal to the point id in the import file, which is easy enough to do. However when I go to create the faces (eg.[Pt99, Pt172, Pt610]) I’m having to loop through the list of BMVerts to find the correct one. Is there a way to select a BMVert by it’s index?

Such as: vert=select_by_index(index) returns the associated BMVert

It sound to me impossible.
A mesh counts its vertices without gaps, as far as I know :eyebrowlift2:

You mean

>>> bm.verts[1]
<BMVert(0x0C151B3C), index=1>

where bm is e.g. bm = mesh.from_edit_mesh( (edit-mode!!)