Select Intersection

I’ve tried many combinations of CTRL, ALT, and SHIFT in conjunction with LMB, RMB, and MMB.

But I just can’t find out how to do a “select intersection” with the previously selected elements and my border select.

Is there a way?

Hmm, good question. Have you tried Ctrl Numpad Minus?

Hope this helps.

An unusual request to be sure.

Here are my findings.

RMB = select
SHIFT + RMB = add/subtract select
CTRL + RMB = ...
ALT + RMB = loop select
ALT + SHIFT + RMB = add/subtract loop

(B) LMB = add
(B) SHIFT + LMB = add
(B) CTRL + LMB = add
(B) ALT + LMB = subtract
(B) RMB = subtract
(B) SHIFT + RMB = subtract
(B) CTRL + RMB = subtract
(B) ALT + RMB = subtract

(B)(B) LMB = add
(B)(B) SHIFT + LMB = add
(B)(B) CTRL + LMB = add
(B)(B) ALT + LMB = subtract

CTRL + LMB = lasso add
CTRL + SHIFT + LMB = lasso subtract

Use the Ctrl and the numeric keypad ‘-’ key:

Thank you so much for the help Duoas, but I am not seeing how to use CTRL and Numpad Minus to perform the Intersection Selection.

Could you show how it can be done, like this.

Ah! I misunderstood what you meant by ‘select intersection’.

What you want to do is a regular box select that only deselects vertices not in the box, right? AFAIK, there is no direct way to do that. Instead, you’ll just have to do four box deselects in the area outside.

Sorry, and good luck.