Select invisible objects by children?

I have numerous objects that were part of a group, but have since been seperated, and hidden from the view window…and it is quite tricky to select them all now. With Ctrl+G I could select all siblings, which would work if they were visible. Is there a way to bypass the invisibility…I want to be able to turn off the “cannot select invisible stuff” sometimes.



This is driving me mad, haha. I have 800 objects that I seperated at one point (with good reason), but then proceeded to hide them and deselec them. I can figure out no way to select them all now. They are even in a group, but there appears to be no possible way to select invisible objects. This seems like a lacking feature? Or am I missing something…several forum and google searches have yielded nothing,

You could press alt-h in object mode to unhide everything. Then shift-g ‘group’ (or children, for parented objects) and choose the group. They are all selected, do whatever you want with them, and when you’re done hit h to hide them all again.

I know nothing of the model but 800 separate obects seems like a lot. What are they all? You may find it easier to manage as a particle/hair system.