Select List Of Objects In Outliner

Hi All,

I have created a ton of spheres.
I have a long list in the outliner.
I want to click on the first sphere in the list, then shift click on the last sphere in the list and select them all.
This does not work (like windows standard interface).

Can this be done?
I am stuck with having to click on every single sphere in the list to select them all.:mad:

just learned this for myself thanks to your question:
right click and drag down the list (in the blank area to the right of the text)
then right click again on one of the highlighted items to select everything highlighted (choose from pop-up menu).

Thank You!

It would also be very useful if you could select visibility, selection, and renderability icons in a similar way. If it is possible, I haven’t figured out how.

What if there are 100 objects in the outliner and you want to be able to view, select, or render only one of them. Is clicking on each of the 99 icons you want to turn off the only way?


wiki updated.

dashtwo - that is what layers are for.

I read that section before my previous post.

You can run out of layers very quickly since there are only 20. And what if I want to view, select, or render only half the objects in a given layer, I will still have to go to the outliner and individually turn on/off icons.

Also, when I start a new project, I never know how many objects I’ll end up with or which ones I might want to turn on/off view, select, or render.

It seems that my original suggestion would give me speedy on-the-fly capability without any time spent in planning for layers which may or may not meet my needs in any given circumstance.

Having to click on each icon to select/deselect the 3 options in every blender project I’ve done is the one and only thing that really bugs me about blender. Blender is a very sophisticated program and I’m very surprised the outliner doesn’t allow users to select/deselect the 3 options similar to the way you select objects.