Select material via face

Hey there!

Is there a way to find a material through selecting a face?
Like show material with this face, instead of blender’s material assign/select window

Hardops made some cool material add and assign hud that is very nice and efficient, but still struggling find/identify a material. I have to go over all the materials of an object and press select to see which material is on that particular face that i’m looking for.

In modo i select a face and press the hotkey and modo selects the material that is assigned for that face.

Thank for the answer in advance!

This is odd. It should highlight the material in the list in Material Properties. And Shader Editor should switch to that material as soon as you select a face with it.
Or do you mean something else entirely?


Yep i would like to see that
Nor the Material Properties or Shader editor is doing what You described.

Thank You for the fast reply!

Hmm… it should work like in the image. select a face and the relevant material is highlighted.

Also the “viewport display” tab might be useful for you.

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Sadly, non of those features are working at me.

I have industry keymap, that kills a lot of thing (at least my perception is that)

Saaaay… what if you change your Circle Select tool to Box Select or Tweak (first tool on your left)? :thinking:


Yes, it is the circle select tool.
The circle select does not change the active face and only turns faces into selected ones.
Not sure if that is a bug or intended behavior.


Same goes for Lasso, apparently. How weird.


Yes, also for box select. I think all selection methods that allow selecting multiple elements at the same time do not change the active state of elements. Probably because it would require some method to figure out which element the user wants to be active.

So I guess it is not a bug.

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Ok, then how it is working to You?
Please write me the manual :slight_smile:

Both Lasso and Box allow to select Active - they differentiate between single click and click-and-drag. And Circle does not by default. Though it puts Circle Select at a severe disadvantage as a separate tool, imo.

I think changing this option here to Click Drag, makes Circle work similar (if not the same) as the other two tools (I just referenced the Box Select):


I hope it doesn’t break anything.


Either do what StrayBillie suggests or select a face the “normal” way.
Click the face with a single click while not having the circle select tool active.


I see!

The point is to select active, instead of just selecting with drag (even if my drag is within one single face)
I tried with Click Drag instead of Click Press, but didn’t changed the behaviour.

But i already have actice select keymap (alt+shift+click) so i’m just using that and the “material pointing” works perfectly both in Material Properties, and in Shader editor even with circle selection (and with tweak/box selection too)!

I sign my reply as solution, because of the sum up and Thank You for the detailed and accurate help! :slight_smile: