Select,move and rotate furnitures

Hi, I’m new to Blender with no python experience,So I just use
Jbal python from blenderartist where an objct can be selected,
move and rotate it.

Controls are:

P- start game
Q - look down
E - look up
W - forward
S - Backward
A - look left
D -look right
mouse scroll - to rotate left & right

Click on the furniture

The problems are encountered are, no collision detection,
Ive tried making the object as dynamic but it is behaving

When the object is selected and moved towards the camera
the selected object kicks out the camera from the building

"When the oven is selected, the height of the oven cabinet
is effected due to the value which has been set in the code
which is 1.5 in I guess i need to assign the height value in the property object
and call it using py but I’m not sure how to apply it.

The wall cabinet should be sticking to the wall sensor, I’ve tried
changing the values and stuff but was unable to do so.

I will appreciate if anyone can provide hints,tips and points in doing so
Blender is interesting and I wish to learn more. This forum really helps

Thank you!!

Umm… is this for 24.9 or 2.5? I’ve tried it in 2.5, and the mouse isn’t showing up. You have to use a new python for 2.5, and that is what most poeple use nowadays. I’ve tried it in 2.49 and the mouse is showing up, but I can’t select anything. I really have no idea how to solve it in 2 minutes. It seems that I’ve come up with another problem when trying to solve the first one…

This is for 2.49, you can select the object, try clicking a couple of times. There are many problem by the way. Thx for having a look at it. let me know if you come up with something. Thanks a bunch, bro…