Select object python script.

Hi all,
I need a python script I can select some types of objects with. I am making a Rpg game and I need te be able to select enemies and for example attack them.

I prever the script can only select objects with a certain property. For example only objects with the property: “enemy”.

I am still little noob in python so with any help I’ll try to figure it out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thx a lot already! :slight_smile:

HAHA! I did it!!! It took a bit of tweaking but i did it!. Here you go!
Enemy Select.blend (234 KB)
I was actually suprized at what a simple script it is. =) Hope it helps!

You’re my hero man. Thx a lot! =D

Haha. No Problem!!!

My post was useless, because I got distracted while writing (so sunjay03 beat me to it, and answered the question I had).