Select objects in 2.8

if I have 2 circles at same location but not same size
how do you select either one ?

tried in X-ray and wireframe and cannot pick the smaller circle

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Well, misfortunes happen to you … :smile:

With Blender version 2.82 ???

Are these two circles two different objects?
If yes, do you have the possibility to select them in the Outliner?

If you go into Edit Mode, can you select them?

first 2.82 unless there is already another one I did not see !

I was in object mode
edit mode you have to select it first !

even when trying to unselect other objects it is difficult to unselect
I mean compared to 2.79

is there any trick here ?

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You don’t answer all the questions … :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you have TWO different objects or is it ONLY ONE object made up of two circles?

Have you selected a Selection Tool (Select Box) ?

3 object at same location
but most have no faces
see image

there are 3 object above each other at same location

select or not does not change much!

I reember that select in 2.8 has been a problem for a while
just looking if there is some trick to select like we did in 2.79

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So now I really don’t know how to help you …

With me, with version 2.82 no selection problem.
I can easily select EVERY OBJECT individually.

If you have several identical objects stacked (3 circles for example) you can:
- select them in the Outliner
- use ALT + Left click near the objects (Drop-down list with all objects will be displayed)

this Alt-right is it in the outliner or viewport ?

I can do it in 2.79 but 2.8 still difficult !

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Wow … sorry :relaxed:

ALT + Left Click in Viewport (Blender 2.82)

Left Click because I select with Left click.

I can do it in 2.79 but 2.8 still difficult !

IMHO, I think you should test version 2.82 by installing a portable version (use of the ZIP version, not installable)
You will start with a version set by default. . . and possibly “unpolluted” by a configuration file imported from 2.79

Simple installation:
- Unzip the file in a directory of your choice.
- In the 2.82 directory, create a new folder that you call “config”

Installing on Windows

I will wait till I get the other 2.82a and do some more testing

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