select objects - linux on a ppc machine

i have installed recently yellow dog on a ppc machine … and i put blender on it … i’m lost on how to select objects with one button mouse? i tried all combinations: cmd + alt + … etc. … anybody on this forum running blender on ppc machines, using a single button mouse? thanks, a

in osx you use apple+click to right mouse, option+click to middle mouse

I don’t know if it works that way in linux [option+click is used by the window manager by default, and apple+click might be osx-only]

buy a 3 button mouse, please… save yourself

thanks, but i think i have tried ALL … yes, i know 3 better than 1 … i’m not sure what was the (no)logic behind “one button mouse” @ apple headquarters … on the other hand, i’m just trying to use what i have in ters of hardware … on the other, other hand: is it so hard to make blender fully customizable - i mean the shortcuts? … gimp is just wonderful …

I think yellow dog would perform the same way as windows with the apple mouse. No equivalent keyboard shortcut. Unless there is someway to map some custom buttons in your X environment (kde/gnome?) I was stuck for a short while with an apple mouse on my old windows comp…it reallllly sucked.

Clicking on linux ppc is as follows.

Right click- F12
Middle click- F11

Those are the ones that work with my iBook

Tell me if that doesn’t work, it should, but if not then you can map right and middle clicking to any key.

i’ll try tomo_rning and let you know. thanks. what are you running on your ibook? yellow dog, suse, mandrake or debian? the reason why i’m asking is because i failed to install on that machine ( b&w 350 g3) suse (that i wanted originally) and i need somebody smarter than me to give me a hint “how to” - because once finishing disk 1 of 5 is “finishing the installtion” and reboot … skipping the most of installation packages. thanks, a