Select objects

Hi, for some reason in object mode if i RMB all my objects are selected, so I move all together this was not proposital so any help how to undo it? I want to select one by one. In Edit mode I can select one by one.

if i RMB all my objects are selected
Are they really all one object or really separate objects ?
Do you have proportional editing enabled ?

Please ALWAYS ALWAYS attach or post a link to your blend file so we don’t have to rely purely on guesswork !!!

If a bunch of different things in your viewport are selected when you click on any one of them, they are not separate objects. If you can go into edit mode and edit all of them without tabbing out and selecting another one, they are all one object. You can have separate meshes contained within a single object. If you want to split them, go into edit mode. The P-key gives you a menu that allows you to separate meshes out into different objects, either by selection or by loose parts.

Hi, yes there are about 10 different objects but if I click in any one all highlight in EDIT mode.

Thank you K, I will try as soon I return home.