select only a section of face loop


I’m sure this was in a tutorial that was posted on BlenderNation but I can’t it find anymore. Part of the tutorial done on the monkey head showed how you can select only part of a Loop of faces. So like Alt clicking will select a WHOLE Loop there was a way to select PART of a Loop by clicking one face and then another face in the Loop whilst holding a key (which one?). This would select just the faces between the ones clicked.

Anyone remember this tutorial? I think it was on Vimeo.

While in edge select mode right clicking on an edge and holding down a control key will select the shortest edge path between the edge and a previously selected edge.

Oh and the tutorial on blender nation was:

Thanks JDep that’s the very tutorial I was thinking off. :slight_smile:

It would be nice if you could do this with faces too though.