Select open mesh's limits

All is in the title :

For me, the name does not say it all.

I run the script with the default cube selected and nothing happens…

Any suggestion ?

line 33 correct the indent.
then it works in edit mode.
so if I understand correctly, running the script selects all the edges inside a mesh.
on suzanne it selects the edges behind the eyes,
where the edges have an open facing side.
Very nice & handy for picking up useless inner edges & mesh cleaning.
good one.

I might be wrong, but isn’t this pretty similar to the “non-manifold” selection in the regular selection menu?

Yes, you are right.

Non-manifold selects all edges not connected to two faces, not only those delimiting a surface as this script does.

As for a “better” name, maybe “Select Surface Limits/Borders” would do?