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HI. I made this addon for me and friends who are learning blender or are even new to 3D.
I don’t even consider myself a programer, it just provides some shorcuts to the select menu.

It’s very useful when you need to do certain kind of selections repeatedly, it’s also great having it there to remember all the selection posibilities you have, I think a good amount of the modeling time is spent selecting in some cases, so this might speed up your workflow.

Also might be interesting for those users of 3DS Max ribbon.


You can download it from here.

Future plans:


Hi @bloox64.

This is funny that you made this addon because back when I switched from 3DSMAX to blender, I hoped that this addon could exist.
Hence this suggestion that I posted on RCS:

See also : and @Craig_Jones’ addon :

Thank you for creating this addon.

I’m glad it could help you, I thought precisely in Max ribbon panel when i created this. I wish I knew how to add icons that are out of blender but I have no idea, hopefully, there’s something I could reuse from that second link.

If you want to edit the addon I think it should be way easier than it was for me creating it. Personally, I think the snapping options could be useful, and I could do it, but vertex/edge/face is a bit rebundant imo since it’s already on the top bar and I always use 1-3 keys.

If someone else agrees to add more functionality, or is better at python I think we could add it to this addon, I would like to combine multiple selection options but I had no idea either.

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Have you thought of uploading your addon onto Github (in its own repository)?

Github is nice because developers can fork your project, report bugs, suggest features, refer to lines of code …easily.

I have a feature request :
I think it would be convenient to display the Vertex Groups, in an expandable area, at the bottom of the panel.
After all, it’s where users store selections… imo, it would make sense to add them.

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For some reason the addon isn’t appearing in the propretires panels, once installed. Any clue why?

It does here (I use a recent blender 2.83 alpha daily build version).
What version do you use ?

I’m using 2.81a

After installing the file and activating the Generic: Select panel line in Addons window, you should see this:

Yeah I know and I’m not, Therein lies the problem.

Didn’t know about that, I’ll upload it then! I also like the idea about vertex groups, I’ve created this addon a while ago, and uploaded now, so I’ll do it when I have time to get back at it, but some addons have that, so it shouldn’t be hard to add it.

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Weird because I created it on 2.81. I don’t know what could be.

I get this error message in the console (without doing anything), right after launching Blender.

C:\Users\xan2622\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.83\scripts\addons\
rna_uiItemO: operator missing srna ‘mesh.ext_deselect_boundary’

I am not sure if this helps, but it should be noted that the add-on’s n-panel tab does not appear until a mesh object is added into a scene. There are a few add-ons that are like that. It kind-of plays with your mind when attempting to manage Blender’s interface. Still I get why some developers might consider the not present until needed approach.

I am using both 2.81a-release and 2.82-beta currently. It is too soon for me to start dabbling with 2.83-alpha. No issues playing/testing the add-on thus far. It will be a welcome addition to my workflow.

I appreciate the work put into making the Select Panel add-on. Thank you for sharing.


I got it working, error on my end. thanks

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Thank you for the add on. It work in 2.83. Is it possible to add select similar in Object Mode; example if I make copies of a tree or a plant, then it can select similar. By the Select more & select less doesn’t work, or may be I don’t know how to use it.

By the Select more & select less doesn’t work, or may be I don’t know how to use it.

In 2.83 alpha, the Select More/Less buttons don’t work in object mode. But if you use the Select > Select More/Less menu, it doesn’t work either.
Maybe there is a regression, a bug in the latest alpha version. Can someone test with Blender 2.80 or 2.81a ?

Is it possible to add select similar in Object Mode; example if I make copies of a tree or a plant, then it can select similar.

You can select objects that you duplicated thank to the ALT+D hotkey (Linked > Object Data) but not if you duplicated them with the SHIFT+D hotkey.

In object mode select more/less selects the adjacent parent and child objects. The naming isn’t the best, and in most buttons the name is given by blender, allowing to be displayed diferently in each language.

How would you select all object that has the same property? like I have many objects being copied with ALT+D; I was looking for this function for a long time. Never mind I think I see your point.

Thank you for the clarification. May the button should be select Parent or Child

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I agree that in object mode, the Select More and Select Less buttons can be a bit confusing.

Maybe they should be renamed.
My suggestion: Parent/Child + and Parent/Child -

Or better:
We find a way to change the button labels when the user hovers buttons.

by default: Select More and Select Less (no change)
but while hovering the buttons: Parent/Child