Select ring of edges, verts, faces?

in 2.5x, is there still a key command where you can select all of the faces, or verts, or edges in a ring?

Let’s say you want all of the edges around a perimeter, or the faces all around a cylinder…

Is there a keystroke to do this?



Alt-Right click i am pretty sure

alt-Right click to select an edge/face loop, and Ctrl-alt-right click to select the equivalent ring. It determines which loop to select based on where your cursor is on the edge you click on - so you might have to play with it a little to get the right loop/ring.

Neither of those work for me in 2.54…they do work in 2.49b.

What could I be missing? Some Prefs setting?


Select the edge tool, then select 1 edge, then Go into the edge tool settings and select (Mesh > Edges > Edge Loop) and the whole loop will be selected.


I wonder if they broke something, because it works in 2.53 by holding alt-RMB. Perhaps going with a newer or even older build to see if the functionality is there would be worth investigating.

It works for me