"Select Shortest Path" hotkey stopped working: why? fix?

“Select Shortest Path” hotkey has stopped working, although it’s still listed in the Keymap editor. The menu version works fine, so the infrastructure is there:

I have BoxCutter installed. It may be messing with it. How is this rectified, because “Select Shortest Path” is quite useful here.

And what’s the use of the Keymap Editor if it displays hotkeys that aren’t working?

Inactivate the addon and see if that solves the problem. If it does, look up how to change keymaps in the addon if possible.

It’s hard for the internal keymap editor to know if an third party addon is overiding its keymaps.

Do you mean “collisions are hard to detect” or that somehow addons can hijack keypresses before they even get to the keypress handler?

That’s how I think it works if you not code it specific to use the keymap editor. I’m no coder myself so this is just speculation from my side.

Edit: I also think addons can overwrite you keymaps without telling you.