Select skin Faces/Edge loop in 2.5

Press F, then select Skin Faces/Edge loop

Then Segment

This is an tutorial for 2.49 but i use 2.5 and can’t acces the function.

Is there an other hotkey for 2.5 ?


Enable the Loop Tools addon

I don’t get it.

How do you get it ? (I have a weak internet connection)

File / User Preferences / Addons, then its in the Mesh addons section

Sorry for bothering.

But i can’t seem to find it on the page you displayed.

It’s already included in blender 2.5, just go to file>user preferences>addons and in the mesh addons section enable it, like Richard said

Got it, But this is a different Tool.

W Key > Loop Tools > Bridge/Circle/Curve/Flatten//Loft/Relax/Space

There’s no skin Faces/Edge loop any possible reason’s for this ?

Bridge can give the same result as Skin Faces/Edge Loop but with more functionality

Question about this kind of topology :

How to use the loop tools to fill the faces correctly with this ?

In 2.49b if i select those edges

Then press F -> Face/edge loop -> Segment, the function is working perfectly and create exactly the faces as desired (may need to recalculate normals) :

But with loop tools if i select the edges in 2.5x,
either loft or bridge will not create the desired result (and more or less horribly depending on the settings you use in the loft or bridge tabs) :

I attached the model used for this loop tool question for who want to test around the settings (model created with Blender 2.59b, to see if there’s a solution to use the loop tool as a valid replacement for the 2.49b face/edge tool for when you want to get bunch of faces created from those batches of edges.


testlp259b.blend (50.6 KB)

Yeah i ran into that problem.
What do you suggest i should do ?

I was thinking of just filling it but that didn’t work.
Thanks for explaining the problem Btw.

Other than doing the faces manually, i can’t find a solution that is as convenient as in 2.49b unfortunately.

So either there’s something i do wrong with loop tool (as i don’t use it much, it’s always possible), or there is a bug or problem with loop tools loft/bridge , but i’m unable to reproduce the same kind of batch face creations that is possible and easy in 2.49b face/edge loop function.

I don’t use the loop tool much either.
I’l have to do it manually.

Any way to doing that ?
Filling it by some sort.

Until someone mention a working way to make them with loop tool or something else in 2.5, you’ll need to have to select 2 opposed edges, press F to generate a face between those 2 edges, then select 2 more, press F, etc… until the surface is filled.

I can’t think of anything else, as for some reason a Face -> Fill does not work on this kind of topology too.

I’m afraid I don’t get the question. In figure 3, counting down from the top, you have the desired outcome,
correct? So why do you want to do the exact same thing with a different tool?

Maybe I don’t understand what the desired outcome looks like?

figure 3 is in Blender 2.49b , the question is how to make it work in Blender 2.5 (as the function doing that in Blender 2.49b does not exist in Blender 2.5 , and Blender 2.5 loop tool is supposed to be the replacement apparently, and it does not do what is done in figure 3)