Select Vertices not working in Z-buffer clipped, shaded mode

Blender version: 2.35a
Mouse: Logitech Mouseman 3 Button
GFX Card: S3 ProSavage

Steps to reproduce problem: (No problem in 2.34)

  • Cube, no subdivision
  • Edit mode, vertex select
  • Z-buffer clipped turned on
  • Viewport Shaded mode (Z key)

Selecting vertices does not work :frowning: . Swapping select to left mouse button does not work either. Updated mouse driver.

  • Selecting edges works in any mode
  • Selecting faces works in any mode
  • Using alt to select face, edge, vertex loops works in any mode

Anybody have any suggestions?

Could very be a limitation with your 3D card. In that case, just turn off zbuffered selection (the icon is next to the selection mode buttons when you’re in solid view).


Thanx theeth.

Sorry, I didn’t mention that. Selecting vertices in any other mode works fine.

I guess I’ll just have to put up with it until I can upgrade my computer/video card.

I had a similar problem, and it was resolved by changing my color settings from 16bit to 24bit. Thanks to Fligh for pointing me to a similar problem.

or give 16 bit color mode a try