Selected object in a shade mode

2 objects in the view, with frame mode, click and select one, it will ture into pink color, so you know it’s selected.

2 objects in the view, with shade mode on, (“z” button hit), click and select one of them, can’t tell if it’s selected or not.


That is a really good point, xiang.
Post it in the “interface” forum. Hopefully someone will then figure out a good way to indicate when a shaded object is selected.

Thanks for pointing that out! :slight_smile:

when it’s selected, the control point (the purple/yellow dot) is purple.


However, it isn’t always obvious which control point goes to which object.

However, it isn’t always obvious which control point goes to which object.[/quote]

maybe when using wire overlay, the wire could turn purple or something akin.


wire overlay?

Just hit Tab.


Just press Z quickly to see if it’s selected, and then press Z again. Works for me. :wink:

or just a quick Gkey with a little mouse, follow by a quick Esc :wink:


Fine if you have one or two objects, but is you have 10+ and all can be selected in that same region it is a pain enough selecting the right one in mesh mode, if you have to TAB, or move the object then cancel every time it becomes a pain.
Still, hitting the z key on and off every time you select something isn’t that much of a chore and I’d rather have stability fixes than minor user interface changes. (That said I love tuhopuu’s changes)

simple solution: turn on the bounding shape on the objects!
you can choose box, sphere,cylinder etc. shapes!


I keep 2 3D windows, one wire, one shaded…