Selected Object Index as a variable?

Hi all,
New to writing python scripts and hoping there’s an easy fix to this issue. The code below is meant to take all selected objects, add 2 location keyframes for a basic animation, and then offset the key frames as defined by the offset. How do I add a variable that references the index number of the selected objects, so that I can multiply this by the offset? For example if I’ve selected 50 objects, I’d like the animation of first object to be offset by 10, the second by 20, the third by 30, and so on. The current code offsets all objects by 10.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

import bpy

objects = bpy.context.selected_objects

offset = 10

for object in objects:    
    bpy.context.scene.frame_current = 100 
for object in objects:  
    object.location[0] += -100
    bpy.context.scene.frame_current = 1 
for object in objects:    
    animData = object.animation_data
    action = animData.action
    fcurves = action.fcurves
    for curve in fcurves:
        keyframePoints = curve.keyframe_points
        for keyframe in keyframePoints:
  [0] += offset 
            keyframe.handle_left[0] += offset 
            keyframe.handle_right[0] += offset 

A couple of possible solutions:

  • Inside the for-loop that goes over the fcurves, just add 10 to offset after each pass
  • Change the for-loop to something like “for index in range(0, len(fcurves):” Then you have an index number you can multiply ‘offset’ by but you have to manually get the ‘curve’ with curve = fcurves[index]
  • Add a loop counter that you increment by 1 for each curve that you have processed and multiply ‘offset’ by that counter.

Thank you! I knew it must be a simple fix - for now I’m sticking with the first solution of adding to the offset after each pass, as I’m still learning the syntax. The only problem now is that it’s offsetting each of the location keyframes [x,y,z] separately. Is there a simple way to have the xyz keyframes offset together as an array?

Ok, I misunderstood. All you should have to do is move where you add 10 to ‘offset’ to after your loop on the fcurves instead of inside the loop on the fcurves.

That fixed it - thanks for your help!

Admin, thread solved, thanks

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