selected radiocity


i have one question about radiocity renders

can u select which objects are used?

like i used radiocity a lot, but never in this certain way:

lets say i have two cubes, cubeA and cubeB, and like a nice dome with fliped normals as a container for the photons

radio button pressed, mas irr = 500;

both cubes have a material which have an emit value which is >0,

however, i want cubeA to be involved in the radio (meaning its emit affects the surrounding area), and cubeB to be not involved, meaning it’s emit value has no effect

should i use render layers? or can i somehow to it diferently, so that although i have two materials with emit value, only one cube contributes tot he radiocity render, and the other behaves like a normal render

actually, can i select radiocity as a node?

any ideas anyone?

yes, by putting each on a different renderlayer, and then mixing them together.

biut how can i do it so that in one render layer, radiocity is enabled, and in a 2nd render layer radiocity is disabled.? thats the rea question

radiostity is always enabled, it’s just that on one renderlayer you have the emitting cube and anything you want it to shine on, and on the other renderlayer is everything else.

OR, you replicate the scene entirely, disabling radiosity in one, and then point one renderlayer to one scene, and the other to the other, and mix.

u c this is th problem

if radio is always one, then both cubes will act as emmiters

i want only one of them to act as an emmiter,

(becqause the material looks really good with a nice emit value, but when radio is one, that material looks horrible, so this material …
let me try something…

and another radio material has also an emit val, and this one is supposed to be used


i found that little radio button ont he material…

i feel really dumb now:S lol

sry to waste ur time

np. glad to help.

alright i am back

after a 5 hr render

my original qeustion has reappeared!

the radio button helped out with the material, however the geometry appears in an unwanted way when radiocity rendering is active


here it is

i have a background (where radiocity is to be used)
and a foreground (where radiocity is not, i repeat: NOT to be used)

both foreground and background contain emit elements (which can be nicly controled witht eh radio button ont he material tab, so thats solved:P)

so question
how can i make the scene? where the background uses radio, and the foreground doenst use radio?

i was thinking radiocity node…however i dont think it exists:S

help is really needed with this one! any clues, ideas, or perhaps…solutions to this interesting situation?