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How to map city lights to the dark side of the Earth via image textures and composite nodes. This is animatible so that the city lights vanish into the sun light. I placed the information in post #14 on the first page of the thread:


Cant be done up to and including 2.44


How do you remove those really stubborn textures/images that have no users anymore?

In his thread UV texture everywhere ypoissant explains

How to add a UV map in 16 easy steps

The checklist is on the second page in post 22. Skipping steps can lead to odd UV texture behavior.


ok, heres a quick question… I am doing my first animation, (I’m a newbie to blender) and I am making the earth revolve around the sun… but I can’t figure out how to make it so that when the earth is revolving that there is a dark side to the part away from the sun… (how would you make the sun so it’s putting off the light, if you could answer that, it would be helpful…

A great two part tutorial series!

Introduction to lighting with blender internal

Part II: Interior Lighting with blender internal

These are for 2.49, but seem to work great in newer builds of 2.5.

I know I have picked up alot of information from these two threads…

Here is a quick video on getting realistic textures in blender cycles using the Gimp insane bump plugin:


cooooool ^^

This video is unavailable.

Hey! What happened to my Quote?!?

This video is unavailable.

This definitely needs to be posted, I’ve been referring to this tons to learn more about cycles.