Selected to Active normal baking not working properly

I followed Ikee’s tutorial on Selected to Active normal baking but the Normals texture bakes with polygons, and i want it smooth. Both objects are ‘set smooth’.

thanks for any help



It would be nice if you would provide a link for something like this when seeking help. I think you mean this tutorial…
…which I found by searching for “ikee” in advanced / author search.

Feedback on the tutorial looks good. I haven’t seen this tutorial because of my slow dialup connection. I’m thinking it has a similar workflow to one I recently posted here:

I’m not sure entirely what would give you those issues. A few things to check (random ideas)…

  • Double check the buttons on steps 4 & 5 of my own tutorial.
  • Did you “makesoft” both meshes? Perhaps try not making either soft?
  • Get rid of (apply) any modifiers… many blender functions ignore them.
  • Is one mesh a sculpted copy of the other?
  • Did you SHIFT-select them in the right order (high poly then low poly)?
  • Normals… recalc outside and make sure none of the faces are inverted.

Thanks! It was the modifiers. I had a mirror modifier and i guess it was rendering both sides at the same time.

Your tutorial is really good, btw. Ikee’s is basically the same.