Selected vertices don't show selected on other views

Sorry to bother you with this question, but I could not find the answer in the knowledge base nor in the documentation :frowning: .
When I select one vertice in, let say the front view, it turns yellow, but only in the front view. In the other views (left, top and cam), it remains pink which bothers me as I can’t see the selected vertice.
To make it turn yellow in let say the top view, I have to move my mouse over the top view and refresh it using the Z key twice.

Is it the same behavior for everybody ?


That’s very weird behavior. You might want to send a bug report if no one has heard of it.

Hey! I’ve got that problem too. I thought I was just doing something wrong since I’m a newbie. :slight_smile: This problem didn’t start for me until I downloaded the last release (not the raytrace, but the official 2.31 update version). I was assuming it was my video card or something since I can’t seem to get my Radeon 9600pro to work with Redhat 9 yet. No 3d support, just 2d.

This is strange : this morning, I open Blender and start working with it, and the strange behavior is no more. Selected vertices in one view are instantly shown selected in the three other views.
That seems weird to me and looks like a bug. Anyone other than pnoland and me having this ?

It’s not a bug. it’s due to the fact that vertices don’t have z-sorting at all and your object is probably a cube, and your other views are in ortho mode, and your non-selected vertices occlude your selected ones.

My blender behaves in the same way. I have to grab or do something else in the other window(s) to make selected vertices yellow. (2.31a) It’s really annoying for I just started to create a point by point face. :expressionless:

OK, I’ve found it, it’s a bug. This is how to reproduce it :

  • create a cube
  • go into edit mode
  • make sure that “Draw Normals”, “Draw Faces”, “Draw Edges” and “All Edges” buttons are not selected
  • in one view, select one vertice, then another, and you’ll see on other views that the selected vertice in not changed (not updated)
  • push the button “Draw Edges” or “Draw Faces” and try to select vertices one after the other, and you’ll see in the other views that the selected vertice is changed (correctly updated).

How do I send a bug report ?


Sorry oldLink, I was able to reproduce the bug after a few tests. Seems to happen only sometimes!

Please do submit a bug report :slight_smile:

The form for submitting bug reports is here. To make tracking follow-ups to you bug report easier, you may want to create an account at first (this is difference than the forum accounts). You can go here to create a new account.

I´ve heard that this is Blender´s default… and one must press NUMPAD 9 to update. It behaves like a bug, thou, and I wish that all views would automatically update.


No no no, the only place where it doesn’t update by default is in the case of materials. And it’s quite logical, especially since it could easily slow everything down when working in shaded mode with big models.


I have this problem too. My workaround is just to move to the other window, use the mouse wheel to scale the display a bit to refresh :frowning:

So, Theeth, is this a bug?

The behavior that OldLink is describing would be a bug, yes.


Bug submitted.