Selected Vertices to Edges


This is a quick workflow addon that I just created for my needs. Basically this works like “join” but on nonsurfaced (ie non poly surfaces). “Join” lets split edges. My addon lets you connect edges based on your selection order.

Normally you need to select 2 verts, press “f” quit selection then select 2 new verts etc when you work with non poly meshes, ie meshes that are made of only with vertices or edges. This is very usefuly when doing retopo work.

Please bear in mind that this addon does not do any cutting , it merely connects your vertices in order in a quick fashion. You can see in the attached images that, it connects edges in the selection order.


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Sorry, but… where is its button?
And, by the way, can it connect separated verticles in selection order? I was looking for this tool =)

I did not make a ui for it. Just fire Verts2Edges after pressing the space bar. I might add an ui.

I actually made this so I could connect disjointed vertices(if I understand your question right), so this will work with any kind of vertex situation as long as you have a selection. It works even when you justhave a point cloud.

This is very useful for weaving your mesh first without surfacing, then you can mesh it with pressing “f” , assuming that your vert/edge mesh is properly done.

Ouiii!!! That’s perfect!
Thank you for this :slight_smile:

No, I guess, UI is not necessary.
Just this were a little bit unobvious.
It is hard to get command name, if you have only script.
I think it should be mentioned into description.

Btw this script can also be used to surface sequentially selected edges (in edge mode) at once. For example create a single edge just duplicate the edge multiple times. Deselect all then select them sequentiallyt and fire the script. Now all the edges should form nice poly surface.

Hah! Indeed!
I would like to use it with this one (honestly, this is the only python script, I’ve made by myself =) ):

I were able to control verticles, but creating surfaces rather fast were still impossible till now =)
Thank you for the tip :slight_smile:

(Btw, if you iterested in script, you can download this file from link into youtube description. It is simple, but I put a lot of formulas inhere.)

One little proposal - can you make command’s name shorter, something like “V2E”?
It’s too long to type “Vertex…” and search the result every time ^^

//It is so pity, that Blender doesnot have an AutoCAD console… Any shortcut can be assigned to any command there, just if to add string, for example
V2E, Vertex2Edges
into special plaint text file (called acad.pgp), so that way I have about 1000 addictive commands, written by myself for it. That’s really powerful way.

I am on a project now, once done I will extend this script with ui and some additional enhancements. I have some additional ideas about couple additional workflow improvements in this arena, hopefully I can bring it all into this.

Thanks for the script I will check it out.

Awesome script.
Thank you once again! )