selecter ring toggle in 2.5

Im wondering if it is possible to create a button in 2.5 that toggles on/off the selector ring (or a separate on and off button). Im sure it can be done by writing a pythong script, but Im just wondering if its possible to set up in the current 2.5 interface.

And yes I know that most Blenderheads will think Im making a mistake for wanting to do this. Im aware the selector ring is a powerful feature in Blender, but as Im just a beginner I find the selector ring annoying and want to delay having to deal with it till later

What is the selector ring? Im not sure I know what you mean.

that annoying ring that follows your every LMB click

I think you are referring to the 3D cursor. Yes it is possible to stop it from moving on every LMB click in 2.5.

Preferences > Input > View3D > view3d.cursor3d and change the keymapping.

My choice is Q Action Mouse. Now it only moves if I press Q and click.

I don’t think it is possible to hide it. You can move it out of the way. The more you use blender, the less annoying it becomes. I guess, the brain adapts.

I’d put it this way “The more you use Blender, the greater your respect will grow for the cleverness of this initially “annoying” tool.” - That is unless your mind is closed to alternative ways of interacting with 3d objects, and you decide that you can’t be bothered to learn something new.

But go ahead, turn it off… to each their own.

Hey, I am sorry to offend you but I was just responding to the OP who was bothered by this highly visible ‘object’ that could not be hidden or deleted in his scene in the 3d view.

I find the 3d cursor very useful myself.

arquebus, new objects that you add will appear at the location of the cursor. You will also find it useful for rotating and scaling objects relative to its position. The cursor can be snapped to other objects/vertices and objects/vertices can be snapped to it. So you can locate things relative to other objects in your scene with precision.

Thanks jrboddie, thats great info. Although Im unable to find the View3D section in user preferences, could you tell me where that is?

pappy- I understand the basic idea of how the cursor ring works, but I just dont use it often enough to want it activated all the time. I do low poly modeling and 99% of the time I can grow my entire model out of one primitive. I dont have a need to combine separate geometry and rotate them around but create all my geometry by moving verts and edges by hand. Maybe sometime in the future I will learn to take advantage of the cursor ring more.

Bring up the User Preferences window.
Select the Input tab.
At the top of the page to the left of the ‘Edit’ button there is a search box (which may have the word ‘Window’ by default).
Click in this box and delete whatever is there (i.e.‘Window’)
You will now see all of the possibilities. One of them will be View3D (you may have to scroll.)
Select it. Then enable Edit and you can modify the keymaps.
To keep them for the next session, Save as default.