Selecting a tablet for sculpting

So I recently decided to try out sculpting and I want to upgrade my old well-used Wacom bamboo tablet. The problem is, I can’t make up my mind on what to buy - I’ve managed to narrow my choices to two Huion tablets (because Wacom is getting ridiculous with their pricing) - dial, small factor, low price - higher price but I get a large screen

What is your experience working with screen tablets for 3D sculpting? What would you choose?

I am very out of date when it comes to graphics tablets. I’m just here to mention another alternative brand to Wacom for you to analyze more options:

You look for reviews on YouTube and you ask the users there if they have experience with the graphics tablet using Blender.

If you are not a Windows user, you should make sure that the device will work correctly in your OS before purchasing it.

I’ve been getting a Huion Kamvas Pro 16 recently. I’m very happy with it. Had a Wacom Intuos 3 before, but the screen is really making a difference. Although not officially mentioned, it even works on Linux when you compile the driver’s yourself, which is not that difficult like it sounds. It’s getting a bit tricky for the custom configuration of the buttons, since there’s no ui. But when the setup script for setting up the button config is done, it just works. On Windows though there’s the Huion driver with it’s ui.