Selecting all keyframes of a frame on a Action

Hello, I’m kinda having a problem right now trying to animate, because there’s just so many bones in the armature to key. Everytime I want to shift all the keys from one frame onto another frame, i have to manually scroll and select every single key in that column.

Like say, in the attached picture, I want to select all the keys that currently lie on the green line. How do I do that?

Currently I box-select, scroll, box-select and scroll again. There must be an easier way to do this! :confused:


Select keys on wanted columns and hit k. After this Blender selects rest of the keys on those columns. You can find more selection options at the Select menu.

Ohhhhhh… so that’s how it worked - i had to select a key first, i see i see… Thanks very much! :slight_smile: