Selecting an edge loop

…how? I am using the 2.40 alpha 2 build, and if im not mistaken, it was Alt or Ctrl+LMB in older builds. How can I do it now? I am using Linux, and holding Alt then Right clicking brings up a Gnome menu

Hmm, I kinda firgued it out, it was alt+click, but with gnome, alt click is caught before it gets to blender, so to all you linux users out there, how do I stop that?

Try using SHIFT+ALT+RMB.

Hmm, that seems to just select one edge at a time.

Any other ideas?

Really quick… since you seem to know about edge loops, what are they… just surface curves?

Strange… it works for me (SHIFT+… is supposed to be bound for multiple selections and the SHIFT+ALT combination gets around the ALT binding for me… of course, I’m not running Gnome, so I guess it handles click events slightly different from Enlightenment).

@lococobra, edge/vertex/face loops are a selection of edges/vertices/faces that form a continuous ring (often around your model… but not always). A quick way to see it would be to open blender, subdivide the default cube a couple times, and ALT+RMB on an edge. Do it in each of the three edit modes and you should then get a good understanding of what a loop is.

Ah sorry, my fault. Shift+Alt works, the problem was i was selecting an edge that wasnt an edge loop. Thanks for your help