Selecting an object to texture

I am having a very difficult time trying to figure out why I cannot texture the right object. I am making an eye, and I have a seperate object for the iris. I am texturing with an image (.jpg). I have four vertices selected. However, it has colored my white eyeball which isn’t selected. What do I do?

one way is to select the verts or object you want textured in edit mode press p, seperate selected, then back in object mode with your new object selected add the texture.

If your iris is truely a separate object (not simply an unconnected mesh within the same object), then you can open the outliner window, and use outline view to select objects by name rather than try to pick out the object in a possibly crowded 3D view. If it’s NOT a separate object (by your description of what’s happening, it isn’t) then it’s name won’t show up in the outliner. You can turn it into a separate object using the method m.a. describes.