Selecting and moving multiple vertices

Hi all…

I’ve been working on a model of a car and all was going well! That is until one of my cats decided to step on my num pad while I was doing something… arghh! So now when I select more than one vertex with the Limit Selection to Visible disabled and try to move them together it will not move them. It deselects one of the vertices and I can only move one of them. This adds more work time to moving vertices. When I enable the Limit Selection to Visible I can move multiple vertices at once but cannot see other vertices that may be behind another object. I did not have this problem before my cat stepped on the num pad. I’ve tried to to reload Factory settings as well as a couple of other things but to no avail.

Any ideas or suggestions of how I might rectify this? :confused:


  • Justina

Might have if anyone could see what is going on. The way they do is by you showing images to have context for what you explain, and then upload an example .blend of the problem. The .blend doesn’t need to have everything, just enough objects and geometry in it/them to contain the problem.